Rolex Chelini watches

1926 for Rolex, swiss rolex is the most milestone in the history of the year. This year, swiss replica watches launched the world's first Oyster waterproof watch, attracted the world for its eyesight. In 1931, Rolex "constant move pendulum thallium" automatic winding thallium device was born, and patented. The technical principle of this invention is widely used in Rolex Oyster watches, Oyster watches changed its name to Oyster Perpetual (OysterPerpetual) watch, said the watch with a waterproof function and equipped with self-winding movement. \ \ Oyster-style constant moving watch not only has a classic simple and elegant appearance characteristics, and the watch can be in different locations and temperatures at the most precise operation, is the official identification of recognized time. Oyster Perpetual Series watches have all the essential elements of the Oyster Series. Triangle pit bottom cover, on the chain crown, solid 904L steel to create the middle case, coupled with the water depth of 100 meters of Oyster waterproof case, which formed a huge Oyster constant pressure protection system, core. Through the COSC detection by the Rolex developed by the self-winding mechanical movement for the Oyster-style constant movement series of watches clearly and accurately show the time to provide a fine guarantee. Finally, by the comfortable and secure solid chain section 904L steel oyster strap and folding oyster buckle perfect knot. \ Widely known Rolex Oyster-style constant dynamic new 31 and 36 mm new watch, in addition to the Oyster-style constant-action watch with the basic elements, the most commendable is the color of the new dial, red grape, white Grape color, stainless steel color, blue and white dial, elegant and elegant, Yan and not Mei. Generous low-key of the nail scale, simple and meaningful Roman numerals, 18ct platinum pointer, told the Oyster-style constant movement watch classic legendary image.